Wow! M.C. Escher!

After seeing one of his images for the first time at minute 46.30 in this World Science Festival movie called ‘Infinity, The Science of Endless’, I wanted to know more.

So my former boyfriend took me to “Escher in het paleis” in Den Haag.

I tried one of his easier work and I must say, it’s more complex than it looks.
But I love to try different styles as a tribute to the artist. 🙂

So here’s an impression of M.C. Escher:



Kim meets Alice, just having fun…

… said the clown but did anyone noticed the tears in his eyes?

Fascinated by Lewis Caroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ ever since I was young, I was very happy to find this treasure on my way to the station after a fun day with my friend Karen in Ghent and an unexpected drive home in a cab. 🙂
It’s a special edition of the famous book, in celebration of 150 years, a luxurious pretty version that really called the little girl in me to buy it 🙂